La Cucina Italiana: Santa

The real protagonists this festive season will be your dishes.

Advertising Agency: DLVBBDO, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Federico Pepe, Stefania Siani
Art Director: Pier Giuseppe Gonni
Copy: Lorenzo Crespi
Photo/Illustrator: Alessandro Bavari


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Did you say protagonists?

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Phil Lestino
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Where's the christmas tree is what I want to know from this ad

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Phil Lestino
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agree with phil, where's the tree? somehow important

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Protagonists? No awards with those translations...

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Don't get,

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Pushkaraj Shirke
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Monkey says whattt the SHIIITTT????????

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Copy and art are not working together in these pieces.

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Sven Gali
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was this a grade school entry?

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ek kanya
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very convoluted idea, but i like the visual.s

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not so bad knowing that its from an italian agency!

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