La Cucina Italiana: Purse, 2

Your product will look more tempting in La Cucina Italiana.
To advertise your products, choose La Cucina Italiana: Italy's most influential gastronomic monthly, with thousands of readers all over the world.

Advertising Agency: D’Adda, Lorenzini, Vigorelli, BBDO, Milan, Italy
Creative Directors: Federico Pepe, Stefania Siani
Deputy Creative Directors: Lorenzo Crespi, Piergiuseppe Gonni
Art Director: Domenico Montemurro
Copywriter: Davide Rossi


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they showed me a picture & i laughed
dignity has never been photographed

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watered my mouth... :)

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Andrea Afeltra
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Great art

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very nice.


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nice, but tempting isn't always abt food, could've used other tempting stuff ;)

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First thinking, but nice visual-

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Done so many times. As all the poor ideas.

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i like the image, but that copy is reeeally suffering.

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this is kind of confusing. your product will look more tempting, as in a regular sofa will be as tempting as a cake... OR that whoever sits in that chair will be with their legs open. please explain

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This campaign is either too deep or too shallow. Too deep if what it means is that prospects should put their ads on La Cucina Italiana instead of a furniture or fashion mag. How many people will get that? Too shallow if what this all means is that food can look like something else. It can't get any more literal than this. Whew! I'm dizzy.

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Creative directors times four and NO PHOTOGRAPHER at all, right?
Oh c'mn, shouldn't you had give someone a credit for his work? It's surely more deserved than work of 4 CD's.

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the cake seem SO fake.
Maybe it is true, i mean, but it seem a fake.
the shadow on the slice isn't following the right direction of the general shadow.
could be done better, i guess.

easy to say "art director".

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art is ok


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