La Condoneria (The Condom Shop): Rub-it! (The rider)

Metaphor of the condoms like rubber gum and his utilization "to erase" evidences.

Advertising Agency: acHe, Barcelona, Spain
Account Director: Tino López Freixas
Creative Director: Diego Otero Rodríguez
Art Director: Jordi Alonso
Copywriters: Diego Otero Rodríguez
Illustrator: Jordi Alonso
Graphic Designers: Andrea Edarra, Matteo Guerra
Photographer: Raúl Ortega of Red Light Studio
Integration and retouching photography: Kim Boix Sas of


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I adore the images! This "erase evidences" approach is strange, but that does not necessarily means it's a bad concept.
I don't know, but it made me look and search for the sense of it, so It's probably working some how, lol.

.: look for the green giant on the label :.

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made me laugh!

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I simply love this art direction..........

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i really dont understand the point behind all that? what does erase the evidence mean? and the rub it? i am seriously puzzled...

Quite really.

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Rub off.

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it definitely go my attention alrite

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i like them the look very sexy!!

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I wish we were allowed to do provocative work like this in N.A

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I really appreciate the concept !
Well done guys.

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Is there a necessary to show pubic hair?

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daniel ieraci
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It's nice art direction but without the description I don't think I would have gotten the 'erase the evidence' aspect.

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I agree both on the great art direction and the lack of clarity.for me.

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Agree. End even then.... erase the evidence???? Huh?
Nice clever art, but yet again... just doesn't fit with the concept.

I see this seems to be a continuing problem across the board.

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I think there playing with words aren’t they? Over here the word rubber is an eraser - however I understand that overseas a rubber is known as a condom. Very nice images - I like this one the best :)

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impressive approach, i like it....

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