Kuveyt Türk: Missing Letters

Account Operating Fee is the amount of money charged by financial institutions at diferent intervals. Since you have money in your account, this deduction will proceed in determined periods throghout the year. But these minor deductons probably won’t be bothering you while you are busy with your job, eating your meal or spending time with your friends.

Just like the 3 missing letters in the text above haven’t bothered you.

If you are a Kuveyt Türk customer, there will be no need to control your account for such deductions. Because Kuveyt Türk do not charge operating fees for their customers’ accounts.

Account Operating Fee is a small amount of money. If you do not control your account carefully, you may not realize it. Therefore we used this insight in our ad. We tried to draw attention to the fee with 3 missing letters and we want people to experience themselves; since they must be careful when reading this copy.

Advertising Agency: Gram İstanbul, İstanbul, Turkey
Creative Director: Tarık Akın
Art Director: Ali Harun Sevinç
Copywriters: Eylül Dalgalı, Serhan Özden
Account Executives: Simla Pamuk, Yeliz Tezcan

December 2012


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What???U kidding??

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Actually, the three missing letters did bother me.

Plus, the so called idea has pretty much nothing to do with that excessively boring stuff you're selling.

No one cares about child labor, eye donation or saving the Earth: NO PSA!!! http://adsoftheworld.com/forum/135094

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We see us in Cannes ;) haha hahaha...

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Please note that the account which is "kanhelsing" is a bug. It uses my name and my account settings. Thank you.

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Fantastic! clapping with all my limbs.

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ain't nobody got time for that

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I don't need to control my account coz it is small amount of missing money?

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