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so, what is the point of having a very soft bed or mattress?
feel comfortable, sleep well, have good sex, I guess?
If above are true, than show some real benifits with a fun and dramatic approach,
please please please, stop showing "softness" just for the sake of softness.
this print makes me feel like that person is getting suffocated by this bed.

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Sometimes I feel, there should be a like button for comments as well.

deja fuck

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Roger Keynes
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Oh, coffin mattresses! ;)

The Jobless Writer
Will Think for Salary

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Roger that...:)


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disagree with whitekaras....
therez a certain calmness about the visible feet....i am a clustrophbc n i didn feel sufoctd aftr seeing the ad...nicely done i must say...

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Couldn't like the campaign. :? sorry for that.

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