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ok idea and very bad photoshop!

funky_frogii's picture
2536 pencils

how did light come in his hands? the guy is looking so big in that bg

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other than the wrong shadows and the uninteresting copy, the ad isn't entertaining - and it just shows Beduins as stupid people

outsmart me, if you can

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well, it is just a simple funny idea.. no need to get into cultural attacks, it just known that they use fire to warm up just like boy scouts or cowboys..

Notorious's picture
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But this beduin is using the sandwich not fire.

outsmart me, if you can

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did you even understand the ad Notorious?

Drshawy's picture
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stop attack culture ., because we too didn't like your culture :)

pulautikus's picture
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better if the desert temp drops and there r icicles on the mat. then the bedouin warming his hands will make more sense ...

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I like the comments, I dont know why the colors of the sky and the entire ad are so drowned out. It makes it look like a video game.

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Noel Denola (Art Director / Copywriter), Gotta work harder friend

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Doesn´t make me want eat this sandwich.

maashookshee's picture
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the idea is great ... photography art direction as well ... very bad execution .. respect

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cant agree more .......

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Its a great idea, could look better if it was a close up, get rid of all the distraction and just focus on the man, the heat, and the sandwich ( the source of heat)... and saturate it a bit to dramatize the heat... Good job!

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nice idea.. execution can be improved.

hadrianapolis's picture
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Cold weather - Arab deserts? Terrible match.

rolling.stone's picture
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idea is ok, execution marred it


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I think you have issues with your color profile. It looks great when corrected.

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I think that there is a problem in the mass balance, Regardless of other errors, such as light and shadow.
I wish you good luck in the next ads.

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does it illuminate when it is hot & spicy? ohhh dear!

vanestan's picture
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good job

michelangelo's picture
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they could have used the services of a good digital retoucher. Idea is somehow ok considering the image is really terribly retouched. color difference between sky, desert, bread and model means they all came from different source...

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tamer samy
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maybe if it was a little bit darker will be better..

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What ?? isnt he going to eat that sandwich??

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I've seen this in Epica Book. NOT BAD AT ALL!!

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