Kripa Foundation: Old King Cole

It's never too early to tell your children about drug abuse
A public service message from Kripa Foundation. For help, call 26405811

Agency: Contract, Mumbai, India
Creative Directors: Ashutosh Karkhanis and Niranjan Kaushik
Art directors: Ashutosh Karkhanis and Niranjan Kaushik
Copywriters: Niranjan Kaushik and Ashutosh Karkhanis
Illustrators: Pankaj Bangde and Ravi Kajari


Arisca's picture
164 pencils

Did the creative team snort something of their own before putting out this tribute to artsy
nonsense? Is there really a message?

andres certa's picture
andres certa
18 pencils

something is wrong in india.

ming the merciless's picture
ming the merciless
190 pencils

A ryhme that doesn't.

creative_catalyst's picture
110 pencils

Although the illustrations are pretty good, these generally are awful, a third rate idea from a forth rate agency and a no rate "creative team" why would you put your name to these?

greycells1's picture
82 pencils


sheetalz's picture
146 pencils

OLD king cole died YOUNG..... :)
where is the message guys????????????

daniel upputuru's picture
daniel upputuru
16 pencils

Pankaj Bangde and Ravi Kajari, bhains ki aankh todu!

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