The Art Campaign of the Cancer Society of North Rhine-Westphalia, Breast cancer

December 2009
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We show motifs which at first glance appear to be colourful, abstract works of art. On reading the captions, the pictures turn out to be microscopic images of various cancer diseases. Because after all "There’s no art to early detection." as everyone can discover on

Breast cancer.
There's no art to early detection.

Advertising Agency: Scholz & Friends NRW, Duesseldorf, Germany
Managing Director: Niels Alzen, Joerg Jahn
Creative Director Art: Markus Hammer
Art Director: Sibylle Moos
Art Director: Pia Niehues
Junior Art Director: Anna Verena Heidekrüger
Copywriters: Thomas Blumer, Sebastian Breuer
Graphics: Björn Blöchlinger, Paul Labun
Photographer: Johannes Pöttgens
Managing Director: Raphael Brinkert, Uli Geiger
Junior Account Manager: Melanie Stein
Head of Art Buying: Kerstin Mende

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