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Enough with the changing number into other numbers.
Olay did much better.

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a bit outstanding if the cigarette's end changed to the other color

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hey listen i need some help...is there a site where i can check out ads sorted by agency?coz here when you search for an agency name it just pops up anything where the agency's name is mentioned...including blog posts n stuff...please help if you know any such site where i can see ads of particular agencies (other than the agency website of course, which doesn't even archive their ads properly). thanks!!

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I agree, it's a very good thought outstanding.......

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Does it means if i get the cigaratte from the numbers then I live longer? hahahahaha :p

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Great art with good copy

Live with Passion

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it might have been a nice idea, but now i just get the wrong impression. what the ad says to me is- "add a ciggy to the 50, and you'll live till 60. similarly, add the ciggy to 30 and you'll live till 38, add it to 24 and you'll live till 29..."
call it a smokers' denial mentality but i'm the kind of guy these people are trying to target. i might like it at first glance but on further thought it kinda seems wannabe by the end of it.

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good idea with good visualization..10/10

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