Konzerthaus Dortmund: Renaud Capucon

Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt AG, Hamburg, Germany
Executive Creative Directors: Wolf Heumann, Dirk Haeusermann
Copywriter: Michael Okun
Art Director: Patrik Hartmann
Graphics: Kristian Joshi
Account Director: Nina Gerwing
Senior Account Manager: Elena Pflüger
Post production: JULIA X GREGOR
Photographers: Peter Lund, Michael Koch (Eachfilm GmbH)
Photo-Assistance: Curveriders, Markus Klapper, Lisa Krechting, Philip Jones
3DArtist: Michael Koch, Michael Stach
Lighting Technician: Lars Lembke
Art Buying: Bettina Zschirnt

March 2009


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7609 pencils

you just need a big headline on top and casting at the bottom, make it vertical and it becomes a poster for hollywood movie! whats this all about anyway??

| Everartz |

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Hrhr, hanna`s endlich gepackt :D Das ich das noch zu sehen bekomme :>
nice. Gruß Alex

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Disco Munky
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A imagem é bem juntada, mas as caras diferentes não parecem a estilos de arte diferentes.

Não o melhor anúncio, mas está bem.

"Être un invité, doit être un imbécile"

Doin' it for the points

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Good, Very Good Nice work dude....

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My guess is the artist is able to tranform himself into the characters he is trying to portray- right?

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massive artwork. forget x-man. this is far way better.

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This is a mess in my opinion. It feels cluttered somehow. No clear concept.

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