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really nice concept so so great

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136 pencils

nice idea, bad layout

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idea is OK
layout is terrible

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Hmm. shouldn't they rather try to make the lawn mower safer? so a child can't start it? strange campaign.. who's the client btw. government?

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The idea is OK, but the copy isn't very inspiring. If it's to change peoples behaviour, it really needs to have a call to action.

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Charlie Pratt
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Yeah, I like the idea of putting the lawn mower in amusement park type environments, but the copy could be much stronger. And for this, as usual, I blame the client, not the writer.


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A.G. Pennypacker
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I like this idea but the headline is really lazy. And putting them on all three is even lazier. I don't see how this falls on the client Charlie, but using the same line for all three DOES sound like a client move. So it certainly is possible. Short of that, it's my belief that as a writer you should be swinging for the fences every chance you get. And shockingly, this guy let three chances pass him by.

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I like the headline. It proves you can use special effects on Headlines and still keep it clean.

Life's a Trip. Enjoy the Ride!

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The visual is nice and clean enough that you don't need that top half. I don't think it ads anything.

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i quite like it the way it is.

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the idea is a bit used..kids see ___ as toys, be careful.

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