Knuthenborg Safari Park: Giraffe

Denmark's Safari Park now has a water park.

Advertising Agency: Co+, Copenhagen, Denmark
Creative Director: Claus Mollebro
Art Directors: Claus Norgaard, Manon Sogaard
Copywriter: Christian Garnov
Photo Editing: Drasko PetricH

August 2012


Setinho's picture
298 pencils

The idea is ok. But why is the giraffe so boring?

Mohammed Dakhly's picture
Mohammed Dakhly
126 pencils

maybe waiting for you to play with her !!! hahaha

kleenex's picture
40716 pencils

The idea is okay, not special.

Klara K.'s picture
Klara K.
3347 pencils

Simple and fun. Might not be the most creative but it communicates the message well.

salil.sharma's picture
2428 pencils

lovely looking very cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

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