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can anybody explain it.

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You'd have to know the game of Cricket - an English game which has spread far and wide - the most popular summer game in India, Pakistan and the West Indies as well as New Zealand, South Africa and Australia. There are many kinds of bowling the ball for different effects - not unlike submarine balls and curve balls in American Baseball. I guess this is leveraging on that phenomenon. Slack ad though. Hey, you're from India - you should get it.

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Disco Munky
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They're talking about Baseball not Cricket... Just look at the ball.

A Knukle ball is a type of pitch. I'm guessing they used it because you have to grip the ball in a tight fist to throw in this way, which I suppose makes you a man if you can make a fist....?

It's the whole 'Gay/Straight' idea done again.

Looks ok


Doin' it for the points

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Ah, yes, quite correct.

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This one and the v8 engine one feel different to the other two. They give you a clear choice between straight and .. um... 'bent', whereas the fish gutting and wrench executions challenge you, try to make you feel unmanly. More an observation than a criticism. Really lovely campaign.

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really nice idea. love the executions. the v8 and this one are the best.

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These ads are *definitely* homophobic.

For that reason they stink.

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Maybe Franky fruity pants isn't the audience ??? Maybe they can write you a letter of apology with THEIR ONE SHOW PENCIL.

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haha - respek!

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good point.

same reason crispon doesn't talk to women in their bk ads.
talk directly to your audience & they'll listen.


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me thinks
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I think it’s too clever. Not for me.

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Disco Munky
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I wouldn't say these ads are homophobic, but they are stupid.

"Straight men do this. Gay men do that" it's just an old steriotypical point of veiw.

Why not

"White men can't dance. Black men jump high. Buy Levi Jeans"

They might as well if it's ok to say that about gays.

Doin' it for the points

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Exactly, it´s stereotyping and emphasizing like a "correct" way (the straight people´s and the brand´s) and an incorrect way (anything else). that´s not good for humanity guys. Not even worth doing it for the elevated purpose of selling jeans. What were the thinking?

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It is very hard to do good ads n the good-old-style.
Those try to do that, but they fail: weak humour, weak everything.

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good one bknowlden

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Very cool campaign. exept for the fish one i must say! kudos creatives!

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visually it's clear... like the good-old-style very much.

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