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Interesting. I like it.

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i laugh. nice. everything was reverse.but i still like the monster one most.

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quite a cool take. the fly's the best.
the ballon's colours are a bit off.
funny campaign.
is the chocolate available already in the market?
doesnt cadbury's do mainstream advertising for their innovative products?

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nice stuff! absolutley pushing the envelope.

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instinctive tra...
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that there is forced. what's so nice about it? the fly says it. so does the baloon. this one doesn't. http://kettleandmug.blogspot.com

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The 1...
I can't get my eyes off those shoes...........
Addidas Brand Loyal u see.........

Thinking what to think

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guys be a bit more practical about the idea.. be creative but dont judt distort good ideas..

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