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Felipe Chacon

Veeery Very Good!

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Yes. why knot... (ahahahahahahahahahahahahahha)

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Have Heart
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Not bad at all.

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Does the instructional diagram makes any sense?

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what kind of question is this?

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the arrows and where the string should go does not make any sense, so basically if I have this knot and if I have to follow this instruction to untie, I would have ended up more confused. And for this client, I should be more relieved instead of the other way round.

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Very nice. Loved it.
~~be cool eh!~~

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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knot being untied = loosening up

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Yes I know it is being untied, but if you study the diagram, something is just not right.

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Great one.

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Sorry i think its a nice thought, but it looks too boring. The idea is pure theoretical. Perhaps if the string was a muscle or anything i'd find it way better

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Bin Ad'en

Oh, Come on, this is really good stuff.

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well, all right then ;)

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Realy nice. Sophisticated and on target.

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Ad Junkie At Large
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ya i think its good

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Very nice!

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Been done before. I saw this ad for a chiropractor in the early 90's. The 1890's.

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Nice concept but have seen before also. Am guessing everyone in the world knows who espace are, what they do and where they are. (easy to miss that web address)

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Activity Score 471

simple but great :D

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Felipe Chacon

Veeery Very Good!