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Why's this one the only ad using title case in the line?

It doesn't make it any better as an ad, but being aimed at Australian men, perhaps it's right on target. Don't work for me though. I wipe my a*se on better ideas.

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Very good campaign for such a tough product.

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What's so tough about this product? Or tough about advertising it?

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Oh come now, you mustn't pick on guets who typed before they thought. (Er, I think that'd describe me too...but)

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[edited by admin for foul language] toilet stuff..someone please get over the whole toilet roll

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same joke 3 times.

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Yeah, that's me to a tee, mate.
But it's not enough for me to remember your dunny roll brand.

>>>> That's not an ad. THIS is an ad.

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Pretty obvious insight, I agree with Rog, needs more of a 'twist' to be memorable/clever.

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