Kiwi Shoe Polish: Headlights

Advertising Agency: JayGrey Sydney Australia
Art Director / Copywriter: Jay Furby
Typographer: David White
Photographer: Gary Sheppard
Producer: Jules Zuppicich
Account Managers: Claire Manning, Vanessa Long
Marketing Manager: Adrian Sandy
Assistant Brand Manager: Megan Farquhar


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my god,

nobody will get this.


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'I would call it 2 ads in one print'... afraid, they've saved the KIWI files in BMW folder!


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That's hilarious.

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Can anybody explain PLZ?

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"the company ran by his wife... and she had a few changes in the artwork"


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it could very well be a visual for another ad

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Sorry, I don't get this. Why are those cans shining? The polish must be black. Are the cans empty?

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they seems the bottom of the cans.

I dont know, I guess the message the adv want to show is "kiwi shines in the darkness " or something like that.

the idea should be able to develope more deeply.

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I feel stupid. :(

.. / .-.. --- ...- . / .- -.. ...- . .-. - .. ... .. -. --.

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tb putera
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Are you sure those are cans?
Maybe holes for your shoe lace? that makes more sense I guess..

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tb putera
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Are you sure those are cans?
Maybe those are holes for shoelaces?
That makes more sense I guess...

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It is a bad pun and it doesn't even refer to the product. The shininess of the cans does not refer to the shininess of the polish on your shoe.. this doesn't work at all.

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don´t get it

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This is what it's telling me---hmmm mm

So those are the cans of kiwi shoe polish (they have the little bit that comes off when you need to open the can).

-Kiwi shoe polish makes your shoes shine like headlights (outrageously weak if this is the case. Classic first idea)

-They are shining like head lights because everyone 'will now see you coming' in your flash polished kicks


-Kiwi shoe polish makes your shoes illuminate in the day as headlights would at night or something like that...

I could go on to other things it could be saying..Which means a line could've helped greatly....or a much better execution of the idea..Which basically makes the idea weak in my eyes. Should be clear and concise to the viewer especially in print where the majority would have turned the page on this...either cause it takes to long to understand what it's trying to say....or because the AD and look of of this ad is close to completely uninspiring and visually boring to look at. No disrespect intended. But my eyes would glide right past this.

Also. Leave the kiwi shoe polish ads to the kiwis. At least they can pull off a scam ad.


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I am so sick of these Kiwi ads with the same "concept" getting even more complicated.

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Had to go through all the comments to understand a tiny bit of this ads. I highly doubt that someone who isn't interested in ads will take the time to get this... Too bad

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When I was at uni there was this guy who would get drunk, crap in an oven dish and cook it, he called it poo loaf.

This ad reminds me of that.

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Phil Lestino
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OBVIOUSLY THIS AD NEEDS SOME FURTHER THOUGHT.........actually just some thought would do.

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So what are they ? Land Mines?

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shoe polishes are meant to enhance the shining of shoes not the shoelace holes


~ Quite obviously, I have gathered no moss ! ~

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Ignoring the ad, as we all should, why is a typographer credited?

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aji pam
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kiwi to polish other kiwi? - looks shine! please i am a costumer here! don't know the product well

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