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Didn´t like at all.

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I doubt anyone would care to read the copy as it takes so much effort. The repellent visual won't help either.

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Why would anyone care to read the copy?

Because this ad is FRESH and DIFFERENT and looks NOTHING LIKE ANY OTHER AD IN THE PAPER/MAGAZINE/WHEREVER. And THAT'S what people are looking for, something DIFFERENT, something that GETS THEIR ATTENTION and cuts through their tendency to NOT GIVE MORE THAN A GLANCE AT ADS. WHICH IS WHAT EVERY GODDAMN AD NEEDS TO DO.

What is WRONG with you??

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I'm alright, thanks. I agree that there's no need to get the whole ad at first glance. But there's got to be something appealing, which makes you want to know more about it. And to me, this kind of copy isn't appealing enough, even though it's different.

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The stove looks like a face.

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Pacific Blue
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A surprised face.

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Why the The stove looks like a face? It distracted my brain and eyes. Art director need to show your tracing to you CD first next time.

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I agree with postman. The images didn't hold me long enough to read through the copy and I especially have a problem with the 'smoking' ad, which I thought was really irresponsible advertising. Are you saying its okay for underaged kids to smoke because the product will successfully cover for you? Way to go in alienating the moms who you expect to buy it.

C'mon. Let's be more conscientious.

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