July 2007
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Look the stove is damned heavy.
So if there's a dead rat behind it, it's staying there.
If there was a dead rat, which there isn't.
Airoma Air Freshner covers for you.

Advertising Agency: TBWA\Hunt\Lascaris, South Africa
Creative Director: Lapeace Kakaza
Art Director: Bibi Lotter
Copywriter: Robert Rutherford
Typographer: Tammy Mattisonn

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I agree with postman. The images didn't hold me long enough to read through the copy and I especially have a problem with the 'smoking' ad, which I thought was really irresponsible advertising. Are you saying its okay for underaged kids to smoke because the product will successfully cover for you? Way to go in alienating the moms who you expect to buy it.

C'mon. Let's be more conscientious.


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