Kitadol: Middle Age

Child proof blister.

Advertising Agency: Prolam Y&R, Santiago, Chile
Chief Creative Directors: Alvaro Becker, Francisco Cavada
Creative Director: Julio Ruiz
Art Directors: Francisca Ovalle, Sergio Araya
Copywriters: Tomas Almuna, Andres Acevedo
Head of Art: Emerson Navarrete
Retoucher: Silvana Mercado
Illustrator: La Botica Creativa


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This approach is totally wrong. You don't take care of children by confronting them with an army. Child Proof Blisters are about making drugs invulnerable to children, not about chopping their heads off if they get near enemy territory.

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il nekro
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It´s a metaphor, genius...

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No shit Sherlock. But it's inaccurate, just like your criteria is.

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I agree. Visual and idea is interesting but the insight is wrong. A whole army for child, inappropriate and inaccurate.

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Did we need three ads for this???

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Kitadol is indicated for menstrual cramps. Do all women of that age have kids who would be stymied by a blister pack? Like the blister packs that some brands of chewing gum come in? Nice art though. Shame about the USP.

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