Kitadol Menstrual Period: Boxer

Get her back. Kitadol Menstrual Period.

Advertising Agency: Prolam Y&R, Santiago, Chile
Executive Creative Director: Tony Sarroca
Creative Director: Francisco Cavada
Art Director: Jorge Muñoz
Copywriters: Fabrizio Baracco, Cristian Martinez
Account manager: Francisco Cardemil


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What a shame Photoshop !!

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Hope the cannes jury will not evaluate the layouts otherwise it will be clear that Gulliermo Vegas (Executive Creative Director, Latin America, jury member in press category) would’ve done his own interests.

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The facial expression is priceless.

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The art direction is really bad, the graph looks strange and looks poorly done

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Guys, did you really have to use photoshop for this one? I like the idea, but the artwork really sucks.

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I'm not a photoshop pro and I don't usually spot which photos are overly 'shopped, but in this artwork, I didn't have to take a closer look. Nice concept though. ;>

"Nihil sub sole novum"

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I really don't get these. Someone please explain 'em to me.

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nice idea but the proportion and photoshop work are not good.

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this is already done

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Not only is this "already done" it's a MAJOR TV campaign from BBDO US (Snickers). They ran a few ads from it on this little thing we call "The Super Bowl".


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It´s already done, it´s sexist, and who´s the target?
Aunque sea un trucho el concepto debe tener un mínimo de sentido y es un medicamento de uso exclusivo para las mujeres.
¿Es conveniente vender un producto ofendiendo al target?
Lo siento, pero pienso que esta campaña es un desastre.
Además es demasiado simplona y como bien han comentado se limita a imitar a Snickers (BBDO)

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Extremadamente desagrable. Estoy de acuerdo con Hiperion que ademas es ofensiva.

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Look at that shadow.. awesome!! Lovely picture, photos and idea. I believe you can do so much much better.

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