Kingston Technology: Tattoo

Advertising Agency: Six Inches, Mumbai, India
Creative Directors: Pravin Shah
Art Directors: Pravin Shah, Rutul Mistry
Copywriters: Sanjay S, Umesh Mishra
Account Supervisor: Swapnil Malhotra
Photographer: Abitabh Kame
Production House: Lighthouse
Published: June 2007


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"This is 5 much". ; 8!


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Yeah, data storage. It's so frikkin punk man. What The Fuck? This idea is a real stretch.

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If you read the copy in an action movie trailer voice, it's almost funny. Almost.

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Frits Harkema
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And another one! You have used all suitable models for this campaign. Pity. if there were more, you could have made a stunning 4000 print ads. Which in itself is an innovative idea. This campaign has unlimted possibilities.

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Crisp One
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this ad is a 2 but the chick is an 8.5!

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Crisp One
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her name is riya bamniyal... & she's very cheap
jst pay her n ve as much fun as u want...

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Hahaha .... It's interesting ad.

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a link is missing between the copy and the tagline...maybe a better copy would have done wonders to the ad...the idea of space as a pun is brilliant...overall good job

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