Kingston Technology: Mini

Advertising Agency: Six Inches, Mumbai, India
Creative Directors: Pravin Shah
Art Directors: Pravin Shah, Rutul Mistry
Copywriters: Sanjay S, Umesh Mishra
Account Supervisor: Swapnil Malhotra
Photographer: Abitabh Kame
Production House: Lighthouse
Published: June 2007

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sumsum's picture
615 pencils

i like the copy

purplesimon's picture
475 pencils

sumsum, are you serious? How can a Flash drive be friendly!

Do you work for the agency?

Adaddicted's picture
3435 pencils

Whatever message they are conveying... counting some of the advantages I would say FD's are friendly !!!


sumsum's picture
615 pencils

nope, i'm not working for this agency. i just like the copy (above and not the hard reading below). no special reason why. i just like it. it's a great day - isn't it?

shahid.h's picture
256 pencils

whats the idea????

shahid.h's picture
256 pencils

whats the idea????

sharks8us's picture
36 pencils

the idea is in the independent commercial. this is just a copy. say, maybe that's the idea - you can copy stuff on a flash drive... so we copied the independent copy...

Frits Harkema's picture
Frits Harkema
713 pencils

This and the Turkish sports commentators campaign are my favorite two campaigns on Best Ads of the World. For starters, so many ads! And such lovely people! And brilliant photography. Truly best ads of the world. Standing ovation and bow down at the same time!

And a bronze for the Polish stranglers campaign. Also a milestone in advertisig.

Anurag Sahu's picture
Anurag Sahu
102 pencils

what does the ad want to convey,,,looks more like a Levis or myspace ad or something... Copy suman ! i am sure you work in the same PIKER agency... huh well nice try..i guess you guys wanted to do something that isnt obvious, but the message is confusing...neh 2 outta 10.

Boxey's picture
8885 pencils

Can anyone say Carmichael Lynch for Harley Davidson in last year's C.A. Ad Annual?

getconnected2001's picture
989 pencils

The chick is hot!

EddieZhao210004's picture
68 pencils

i like the copy. but this's just for teenages?

liar's picture
386 pencils

Using chick to attract attention again. How can they say so much about freedom when 8GB or 16GB or 100GB is a limitation also? I don't like the font too.

Anurag Sahu's picture
Anurag Sahu
102 pencils

Im sure for 'despos' like - - -, this ad makes sense !

samuelcarlos's picture
110 pencils

The font and layout is too much effort to read, the copy is too long-winded and without punch. Look at the girl for 2 seconds and turn the page.

Memory cards are geeky and trying to make them 'cool' by using a hot girl and messy 'teen' fonts is not going to change that. At least not for me.

STRTLRS's picture
1607 pencils

You guys don't get it. She stores the remains of her skirt in the little card. And she's cute. I agree with samuel-c. Word.

I think, therefore... yeah.

khronos's picture
998 pencils

P A T H E T I C -
P A T H E T I C -
P A T H E T I C -
P A T H E T I C -
P A T H E T I C -

sorayaaulia's picture
79 pencils

the idea is there and i love the copy but i don't dig the art.

raavigeorgian's picture
2444 pencils

a sexy chic coupled with a missing link in the copy=confusion

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