Kingston: Party

Advertising Agency: Six Inches, Mumbai, India
Creative Directors: Pravin Shah
Art Directors: Pravin Shah, Rutul Mistry
Copywriters: Sanjay S, Umesh Mishra
Account Supervisor: Swapnil Malhotra
Photographer: Abitabh Kame
Production House: Lighthouse

June 2007


tomotzi's picture
51 pencils

The Headline should be:
Save your whole mind on this 2GB- card.
You dont need no more anyway.

Frits Harkema's picture
Frits Harkema
713 pencils

I love the blah blah blah. Best bit.

EgeMan's picture
54 pencils

good selections for colour it takes u. by the way the texts are close the main beauty

Javi Ending's picture
Javi Ending
130 pencils

The problem here is that the headline totally depends on the body copy for it to be understood. The headline should stand on it's own and have the body copy for back-up.

shoot's picture
36 pencils

that's true. i wont even bother to look at it.

consolidated.db's picture
545 pencils

i heard he gave her herpes

mother was right, she shouldnt have done that

EddieZhao210004's picture
68 pencils

i like the copy. but this's just for teenages?

espi72's picture
75 pencils

to many letters for a print. Really good photography, nice art direction, nice type, don't like the glow on t' memory card

liar's picture
384 pencils

OMG...I just noticed their agency name. LOL.

Guto Araki's picture
Guto Araki
158 pencils

lol... could be at least 9...

khronos's picture
998 pencils

P A T H E T I C -
P A T H E T I C -
P A T H E T I C -
P A T H E T I C -
P A T H E T I C -

samuelcarlos's picture
110 pencils

I'd better rush out and buy an sd card so I can be cool like those people. Gee wow bob.

raavigeorgian's picture
2444 pencils

hey guys...pls give constructive criticism...atleastthey can hope to improve

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