Kingsford: Pterodon

Throw bigger parties. Kingsford. Long lasting coals.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, New York, USA
Creative Director: Stephen Lundberg
Art Director / Illustrator: José Brugos
Copywriter: Kent Koren

April, 2008


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What is that??

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don't get it....

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ok it's about putting giant animals on the grill. but why the hell does it look like shit on each?

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is the dinosaur flying or on the ground?

bauer's picture
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look at the shadow on the sand! got it?

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The shadow on the sand is false !! Can't be ON the camp-site because the sun is low (c'est comme ça qu'on dit ?) : look at the shadows of the peoples and others trucs : there are long. The pterodactyle's shadow can't be IN the visual.

— Jumo

Art Director FP7 Morocco

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is the idea about being able to grill for a long time because the coals are long-lasting? if it is, using giant animals does not explain the product benefit.

bauer's picture
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I think it does, a giant animal would take a long time to grill.
That doesn't mean I like the idea.

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si nadie la entendió esporque es una mala idea. creo

yazar's picture
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it's all about "coal" ... stone age...

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I don't think this is hard to understand.
You have coals that last longer, so you go for bigger meats.
Actually i like this campaign a lot.
This one i like less than the others anyway.

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hot wings???

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paren con las "huevadas". That is fresh and I enjoy to much gentlemen. If you don't have to say something constructive and clear so you must to shut up

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What are you trying too saaayyy?

Add insult to injury then burn the candle at both ends.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

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this campaign rocks, very good thinking ,,,,,keep it up hats offffff

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these are REALLY terrible. i don't get what's going on, why I should care, or what the hell it has to do with charcoal.

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Gina C.
14 pencils

If don't care so why do you comment then?
Lovely campaign. Hats off, guys

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that is just bad bad bad photoshop... Those skewed tiny humans trying to bring him down look as fake as Paris Hilton, and the blood kinda trinkles and looks more like dirt on the lense than actual wounds...

The copy line "Throw bigger parties", falls completely flat as there is NO impression theres are party going on anywhere. With a line like "Hunt bigger meat", they would at least get the point across much faster. At the very least they would have saved me a few seconds studying the photo looking for cavemen in pointy hats, dancing naked aroung a great big bonfire.

Dumb, weak, booring, ugly and stupid... this just stinks from here to there.

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I don't get I...
You fail : But thanks for trying ;)

C'est grâce a ce genre de pub que l'on voit la qualité d'autres ^^

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Yeah, it's ok. I don't love it. Find the idea of killing big animals a bit of a turn-off. My CD's always bangin' on about "appetite appeal" for food/food related products. I think this fails in that regard.

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I don't know what you guys r looking at, but i look at this and love it.
The mammoth is my favorite.
Well done, boys.

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why is it flying and the people on it????? bad photoshop,,,

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very good!

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good point. and agree - these were awesome

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