Kingsford: Mammoth

Throw bigger parties. Kingsford. Long lasting coals.

Advertising School: Miami Ad School, New York, USA
Creative Director: Stephen Lundberg
Art Director / Illustrator: José Brugos
Copywriter: Kent Koren

April 2008


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9 pencils

I think this is a great art direction.
Nice strategy, too.

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592 pencils

The best of three, if the men had been with theyre normal size.
Good art dir too.

— Jumo

Art Director FP7 Morocco

totalcrap's picture
34 pencils

Like the art direction a lot. Have to admit I'm a little put off by the blood in the snow and the use of the whale in the other execution, though. Not sure all BBQ enthusiasts are necessarily hunting enthusiasts as well.

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82 pencils

these are REALLY terrible. i don't get what's going on, why I should care, or what the hell it has to do with charcoal.

Gina C.'s picture
Gina C.
14 pencils

Really impressive for a student work.
Loved this elephant. ;)

andreis's picture
285 pencils

funny and good art direction


Inverted's picture
193 pencils

I cant belive what i am reading... this art direction sucks utterly! In terms of art, the Whale one was by far the best. This is sooooo bad...

As for the idea, it still sucks. I can still not see a single bottle og tequila, og any form of entertainment involving hot underdressed college students trying to pay for their education. So where is the party?

oscarpola's picture
470 pencils

Really awful, i doesn´t make any sense and the art really sucks

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21 pencils it!

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1721 pencils

Thought I'd be the only one to comment about the art, that mammoth just looks wrong and the link with the charcoal, parties and above scenario makes a little sense, but is not strong enough, creative work strives to solve problems, this bit of creative blight here, is a problem...

Add insult to injury then burn the candle at both ends.

:: Put your ears against the ground so i can walk over what you heard::

thyagoresende's picture
48 pencils

Ok, about the collage: the fur could have used more fur brushes and a better selection work, using linear burn (since the background is white). And most important: You shouldn't paste a image (ie. mammoth) without using some blur in its borders. Unless you want an effect like a sticker or something. That's because eyes or cameras cannot focus at the same time in 2 objects (ie. mammoth and snow ground) that are distant from each other, so even focusing on the background or the front object you need to use the blur tool. Just a little bit at the borders of the mammoth, and that's the way to go.

ps: I would instantly hate this brand, because of this ad. Watching mammoths getting killed brings to my mind the sad story in Ice Age, where Manny remember his dead parents, hunted by men. In fact, even eating lots of meat, I'm hypocrite just like most people (your target: bbq charcoal buying people) and don't like watching animals getting killed at all. Specially in advertising.

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kudos mate!! keep the good work!!

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354 pencils

Took me a bit, but when I got it I liked it.

You have to hate advertising in order to truly love it.

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You people must be really dumb.

This is excellent.

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