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Could somebody please explain this ad to me? In which country are the trees are growing so fast, that you won´t find a casino?

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It is the opposite. This ad shows that soon you will find a Casino even in the Rain forest. So, go before it gets spoiled.

Ivan Raszl, admin of AotW

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Ironic. The more people go now, the bigger the change a casino will be build there in the next years. (First a McDonalds & Dunken Donuts of course).

Funny ad by the way.

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Yawn. Like the copy, not the best and not the worst and the idea died somewhere painfully with a creative who wouldn't speak up. Saatchi is far better than this.

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excellent..ivan shud work with S&S

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IMO: not bad. the trees look like weed to me, so maybe that's why I like it...

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I like the campaign. :-)

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Nice idea, execution could be better. On first glance it looks like it's the top of the page is discolored due to a printing error.

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this is a rip off ad of the campaign ad for Vietnam travel agency...

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Nice concept, I am a member of the online gaming community http://gnuf.com/community/ and I will discuss about this picture there. On first instance I thought it is some type of ad.

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