Killer Jeans: Army Officer

Get addicted

Advertising Agency: Karan Rawat, Mumbai, India
Creative Director: Karan Rawat
Illustrator: Ajay Borle
Photographer: Prasad Naik

May 2010


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addicted to...? Killing?

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ek kanya
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yeah. campaign lacks soul and thought.

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addicted to killer of course Mr Capywriter...An army personnel is someone who sticks to the rules and regulations with utmost sincerity. But the Killer jeans addiction is such u can see. Hope u got some soul n thot n concept Kanya.

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again nice concept

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so whts the time frame that these guys work in? if its anything more than a day, they should be shot !
wtf with the copy, stupid client, high priced stupidity

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They've got the idea alright, but consider the medals the guy has to how young he is - now that's poor attention to detail.

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