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Crisp One
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its a play on famous Asian art tied in with a well known Asian brand

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Kanagawa. The great wave.

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ooh. thank you for enlightening us

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Crisp One
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not to be confused with The Great Cow-a-Bunga

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hmm. What a comment.

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the glass bottle is a container soyasauce is dispensed from.

Kikkoman is probably the most famous soyasauce maker in japan.

The wave is from ancient japanese paintaings -- they paint the waves of the seas looking like that.

You ppl must eat sushi to understand this lol

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I get the idea, except that I don't find that wave so typical ancient Japanese... Looks like an average wave to me. That's why I can't find the 'art aspect' of the ad.
Actually thought it was referring to a tsunami.

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This is quite good. Clean art.


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que passo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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the Pun-isher
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This coooool.
I think it's inspired by an old japanese painting of a tidal wave with mount fuji in the background.

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this is a VERY good one, LOVE IT.... clean, fresh, artistic, to the point, great photoshop (or else) work, good pic, classy... have it ALL

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I think, therefore... yeah.

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I love it! But you would have to be aware of that style of Japanese art to really get it-- which I don't think many people are. My parents just happened to randomly have a painting like that in our house growing up, go figure, haha.

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the original art is by hokusai

i really liked it, but it needs a person who knows hokusai and his art to appreciate it

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Great Scandinavian art direction! Clean and simple! Good work, I wonder what Freud would find from the waves... At least I found some childhood nightmares ;P lol

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It is a nice nod if you know the original art piece, but if you don't what does say?

••• Why Think When It's Easier To React •••

••• Why Think When It's Easier To React •••

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I saw a great ad in DenDen town (its the tech centre in Osaka, like Akihabara in Tokyo)
where one shop had a large poster in the window of a wave of computers & technology,
also making a funny reference to the Hokusai painting...
Someone also did a wave of bunnies playing on the same visual gag:

its not an obscure reference at all, almost akin to referencing a picasso painting no?

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i dont know creative heart...what does it say to you?

i would imagine an image of a wave like this always says something primal regardless of the reference.

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