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This spurs an idea for, in my eyes, a much better visual. A headshot of a guerilla warrior with someone else's nose. This doesn't make any sense.

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your idea doest have any sense either.. is you change the nose will be the same thing. is not the guerrilla WARRIORs (jajajaja)using the cocaine, is the people in other country's. What is the point of putting a different nose to the guerrilla?

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Interesting... but, just picturing it in my head here - how would we know it's someone else's nose?

Still, ANYTHING would be better than this.

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totally agree, this is the WORST-AGAINST-COCAINE-CAMPAIGN ever!!!

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There is too much going on here. It's like two completely different concepts in one ad. The long serious headlines vs. face with giant nose. Do you need both?

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Nope. At least, not in my opinion. The nose is contradictory to the message too. The terrorists are the ones benefiting from the sale, not the main users.


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While they do have spelling errors, because I believe it was done by Colombians and not Americans, the idea is probably too profound for most...

The nose means the ones USING the coke and their support to terrorist groups in Colombia (That's why the "terrorist" are dressed up, they are the ones partying.) Every time they snort some white power they ARE kidnapping, killing, destroying people form a country they probably don't even know it exist.

It's SHARED RESPONSIBILITY, your actions have consequences, even if you are not aware if them.

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what's going on here? u guys smokin a joint?

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the message is not there

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Im from Colombia. I really think the basic idea is good, the message about to take responsibility of every of us actions too. Made by colombians don't excuse grammar or spelling errors (our second language is english), if someone -like me- don`t have the enough knowledge of the language asks for help.

Maybe the whole concept could have been treated better, but I agree with the general idea and feeling.

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This is Komolafe Oluwadamilola of Caleb University Lagos state- the idea of this advertisement doesn't not bring meaning because cocaine is one of the harmful drugs which affects human health.it is a very bad thing to say what is harmful to ones health is good. and making use of someones country for an example that is not right is also wrong.

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