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i don't get this...
but i have a feeling even if i knew what this is all about, i wouldn't like it.

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I totally do not get this.

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I don't get it either. Besides I will never be able to accept an ad in which the image i just disgusting. Really? What's with her face, it makes me wanna puke? Why would you want to relate this to your brand? Enough of ugly faces! it's totally overused and never justified!

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Its rather disgusting...Grey overtone in the entire shot makes it look as if in the next panel (if any)she is going to moult and morph into some gross creature...

Wonder what product that is?!

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here also.. all comments do not support any understanding about this campaign... the mic is yours ivan..

| Everartz |

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can I take the mic for a sec?
obviously there's a clothing line for kids that is for all seasons (meaning of course no winter, fall etc. collections).
and now the twist (are you sitting?):
to kids it's the same as eating the same food every day (here shown in the form of junk food).
no matter how kids like the food, sooner or later it's not good anymore. therefore it becomes disgusting.


get it?
sheer brilliance.


of course, I might be wrong.

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thanks Kateter. Agree with your exegesis. I like this ad, although it's very twisted.

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Think you are right, but hell: That is the dumbest campaign trying to be creative i've seen in a long time! jeez

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Wow! Quite a number of steps to get there. If that's the number of leaps the creatives thought the reader would take to understand this ad, they are seriously wrong. The number of preumptions that were made to understand this are not realistic.

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much worse than the banned one of last supper.

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