KIA: Guy

Change your ways. Buy a KIA.

Advertising Agency: Espacio Creativo, Tegucigalpa, Honduras
Creative Director: Darwin Roel V. Herrera
Art Director / Copywriter: Pamela Flores
Illustrator: Darwin Herrera
Other additional credits: Noel Andrade

June 2008


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could be better!

just my opinion

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whats wrong with my old ways?

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ridiculously bad.

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The art direction is fun and has a slight sense of being tactile. The idea needs some work, however. Why does owning a Kia set someone apart from the crowd? Consider more product benefits, too.

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Replace "Kia" with just about anything, and the add makes just about as much sense. Bad all around.

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Bad idea, old in fact. Boring.

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Um... if you're changing your ways... shouldn't you be changing FROM a Kia instead of TO a Kia?

Today I have seen Lao-tzu and can only compare him to the dragon.

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Both Sides of t...
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Maybe the client should be changing its agency or the agency should be changing its creatives.

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I am English and don't understand the copy, so - judging from the design, buy any Kia, you'll lose your job and look cool?

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Audrius Kubrik
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if KIA is a dull car that says "buy me, i'm down-to-earth practical without any mid-life-crisis bullcrap" in the previous 2 ads ('Baby,' 'Girl'), why this one?

this one says it's the opposite, the rebel. are we lost in translation or is KIA a bit confused?

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It wants to appeal to anyone, so loses everyone?

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Frits Harkema
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Advertising is simple: You make people want to buy the product. What you do not do: Make people not want to buy it.

This is gnisitrevda.

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How sad is that!
Lame, lame, lame

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Van Hu
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yap, i´ll say that i like it, is a good idea.

All comments are too harsh, some of you know the country where he has published such advertising? Otherwise, all the people who think buying a car thinks only in Toyota or Nissan and not by conviction itself, continue the flow and not do what they really do.

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Van Hu
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well, go ahead boys!

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