KIA: Backwards words, Dog - God

You can't trust mirrors. You can trust the Kia cee'd. The car that parks itself

Mirrors are deceptive. They flip the world backwards. The thing you see in your mirror looks nothing like real life.

Advertising Agency: Innocean Worldwide, London, UK
Executive Creative Director: Jamie Colonna
Art Director: Dom Sweeney
Copywriter: John Crozier
Retoucher: Justin Shill

April 2013


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nice art.

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yuck. just so weird

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alex razzaghi
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I cannot relate

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This is also derogatory for Hindus - to have the image of our deity corresponding to an image of a dog. This is grossly insensitive also. I am surprised that no Hindu groups protested and made an international ruckus of it. I am sure this bad for the image of the brand and that it will seriously effect the way Hindus and others who are sympathetic to Hinduism will react to the brand.

~~this paranoid survived!~~

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agreed with Tantrik... Its very childish and senseless concept design. There are lots of ideas to show "can't trust mirrors" concept in print ads.
If client agreed with Dog and God concept, so why not Jesus, why Hindu god. Advertisement design should have any sense to prove there concept with some logical ideas.
Very poor try....

Ajit Waghmare

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