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99 pencils

Am i missing something here?

Signe_S's picture
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House made of shoe boxes??

Salet's picture
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You're the worst kind of commentator: you don't have time to make a real point but you do have time to blog the same response over and over again. Leave it out.

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rupert james
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The same execution three times. Pointless.

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Do you think you will rus for this shoes to get that house....inspite of such a good execution over design?

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hmmm just got the box house.what the difference between try to find the shape of shoes look like a house.maybe better ,but too common execution.

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is this what 'thinking outside the box' means in India?

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soumanetra basu
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So they want to lure the potential buyers by flashing red shoe boxes at them! A khadims ad with no shoe in view.Bravo

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