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Am i missing something here?

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That's one hell of a sales promotion.

--good idea is enemy of great idea

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Corner Store
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It looks like these people didn't win a house instead they bought so many shoes that they figured they might as well build a house from the shoe boxes. If I want to win something I'll buy a lotto ticket not shoes. Why don’t they say something about the shoes?

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Nice idea, well done.

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Looks like O&M Kolkata's providing good competition to O&M Mumbai.

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If you loose enough times you can build a house out of the boxes? this sucks.

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buy a houses win a shoes

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Scam. No way would a tatical ad be done like that.

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Poor idea. What does a house made of shoe boxes have to do with winning a house? And a star burst? Kill 'em.

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white widow
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Really sucks. first idea with a bad execution, sorry

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