K&G Fashion: Panthers

In the right clothes, you can’t help but feel it. Invincible.

As far as off-price fashion retailers go, K&G Fashion Superstore is not the first store that comes to mind for most people. Truth be told, without the Fashion Superstore part, people have no idea what a K&G is. Off-price retail is a very competitive part of the clothing retail category. All contestants promise and deliver comparable, stylish wares at comparable, discount prices. While value and style are important — especially these days — K&G and Mullen recognized that there was an opening for a campaign and a positioning that got to the root of why people bother shopping for nice clothes in the first place: to look good. To know you look good and allow that knowledge to transfer into something that’s always in style: self-confidence.
So putting logic aside for a moment, we asked ourselves, “How do you feel when you look great, and you know it?” Invincible. Yep. Invincible. In these print ads, we see a person who has dressed up, and in so doing, unlocked the power of clothes. Our protagonists feel Invincible. By styling up, they’ve given life to the part of themselves that greets every day with gusto. They’re having a ball and looking great doing it.

Advertising Agency: Mullen, Winston-Salem NC, USA
Creative Directors: Jason Black, Tim Roan
Art Directors: Thomas Hair, Scott McMennamy
Copywriter: Adam Koehler
Director: Baker Smith

March, 2010


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Sven Gali
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The best PETA ad I ever saw!

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The panther in the middle stares else where... ; )


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that one stares at the girl's right hand because it's a bigger meat loaf :)))

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