KFC: Cracker

A little too chicken. KFC Zinger

Advertising Agency: O&M Delhi, India
Creative Director: Basabjit Majumdar, Vikash Chemjong
Art Director: Debmalaya Mitra
Copywriter: Abhinav Tripathi
Illustrator: Pawan Tiwari
Published: January 2009

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fantastic work guys

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Fantastic? Wow.

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Visual pun ideas. Not that fresh. Nice illustrations, though.

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execution rocks...any tips on hw to achieve it...?

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Simple. You start by having the no-brained, done-to-death, "let's just get it out the door" art director's idea of giving a burger arms, legs and eyes (personifying the food - genius!) then mix in a cringeworthy, tenuous pun from a hack-and-slash Junior copywriter. After that, hire a run-of-the-mill, freelance illustrator (anybody with some trio markers and basic illustrator knowledge) to make it look pretty, cook for 30 minutes, and garnish with lots of cheese. Delicious.

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Amazing concept , great execution ... very good job!!


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waooooooooooooooooooooo awsome i like the work keep it up

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Stop giving comments on your own work. Grow up.

Rattan Makkar

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Totalmente literal. La hamburguesa es una gallina. Se caga de miedo en todo. El insight en teoría es "La Cobardia". Me parece interesante como recurso, más no como concepto para construir la marca.

"no silencies lo que no sabes expresar".

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Mr. Envious
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This hamburger look like a frog....I couldn't eat there

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Todu. But has been done.

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