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it is not unique, a key like this are not suppose to functional!

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you've got to have backpacked to get this idea.
reminds me of some of the places i've been.
would definitely try hans brinke if i'm around that side.

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ivanlim, i am seriously interest in your experience. can you briefly tell me what's about the key? cause i am looking at the key for like few minutes and i can't understand how does it suppose to work :P
sorry, just for curiousity

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every backpacker budget lodge has some quirky uniqueness.
like the key.
sometimes the owner will tell you the key's a little spoilt and then teaches you how to jiggle, twist & turn the key till it opens the lock.
it's really something u need to experience.
sounds mundane when i explain it.

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thanks for your explanation :) i think i can feel more now. thanks :P

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this campaign tells you exactly why you shouldn't go to this hotel.
isn't this stupid?

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val, val...
you're obviously not the target.
it's a backpackers hotel.
ie. all about the experience, not comfort.
think about that the next time you chow down on your beluga caviar in a 6-star hotel overlooking monte carlo.

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you guys comment amazes me...

Trying to retire ad-man

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reminds me when i've travelled on shoe-string budget.
nice way to make the negative its benefit.

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i completely agree with jennywhx,
true its a backpackers hotel but that key looks like it could'nt open any
and m sure the boys could ve done a dozen more of those ads,
showing different objects in the hotel.
very unimpressive

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guys, kesselskramer's work on hans brinkler hotels has been very famous for many years.
its now a legend, that backpackers hotel.
check out their site.
the positioning has been the same for the last 10 yrs.

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