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flush daniel toilet
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Flush it

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super calibara
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Great work

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thony troll
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Good for strolling in the dark.

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this is the best among the others

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I do not like these. They don't say "finding things" (which would still be far fetched) but "grabbing things", which doesn't make sense.

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Really good.

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Nice, but very similar execution to the Cafe Noir campaing that won everything this year.
The one where the black hand came out of the coffee cup and slapped the peoples face.
This is nothing new, but still good.
Maybe if the hand was pointing the objects, instead of grabbing them, the benefit would be clearer.
That´s all folks.

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ghost? it's srary

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Very good. like it..

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Wow! I like it.

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Wow! I like it.

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Silly to compare these to the coffee ads... just because a hands come out? Come on... the idea behind it and the execution is so much different. I'm glad I'm not so narrow minded as some here clearly are... Looking at ads that way... you could say all of them are similar to at least hundred others...

writingskills that kill

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Agree with capy in this one. It's a very good job.

Someone said it's done (like always), i've never seen it, but if it is, kudos to both (or everyone who did it before and now), because the idea is very clever.

The discussion about grabbing or pointing (in all the executions someone is saying something about that) for me is totally secondary. The idea is there, and that's what matters. But as always, people talk about just what they say is wrong (like the clients do) and forget to see the good side of things.

Devil's advocates (they're also known as jealous guys, know-it-all, genius, or simply stupid people) will never see a good idea in 99% of the ads here, my friends of uruguay; so, keep up, bravo and clap clap clap.

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i really like it very smart

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