Kettle Chips: Peppercorns

Hand cooked potato chips.
Taste like what they're made from.
Kettle Chips.

Art Director: Andy Stone
Copywriter: Ady Thomas
Photographer: Owen Smith


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if the title didnt tell me that was pepper, i wouldve thought this was a poop joke. really.

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El Barto
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They taste like goat shit??

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bad astronaut
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why, have you had goat shit?

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this one's better than the 1st one

thefakehuman's picture
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I dunno why would you relate shit to your product (be it literal or pun)... weak campaign... there are always better routes to explore when enforcing/establishing a brand...

- Life Feeds on Life -

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Don Rapper
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this could be anything.
Rocks, poop, seeds, anything. The peppers isnt the first thing that came to my mind

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Ed Rapport
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dont know what to say about these ads. visually they were not giving me the wow!! effect. the visual was making the copy carry the dead weight.

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