Kerala Tourism: Small Acts

On the eve of World Tourism Day 2012, the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki Moon's message highlighted the fact that everyone has a role in sustainable tourism. He went on to add that every action counts and that this year, one billion international tourists will travel to foreign destinations. Imagine what one act multiplied by one billion can do?

Advertising Agency: Stark Communications, India
Creative Director: Shelton Pinheiro
Associate Creative Director: Ajith Gopinath
Art Director: Madhu AV
Copywriters: Ajith Gopinath, Shelton Pinheiro
Photo Manipulation: Muhammed Akbar
Published: September 2012


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I like this ad.

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tony stark didn't do a good piece here. Idea is wonderful. Hate the photoshop on this one.

ideas....30 minutes nahi toh free.

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393 pencils

like it.

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super like

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Ad Analyst
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BAD Photoshop work

Ad Analyst, (Advertising Journals) INDIA

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what is bad about this work??? are you just trying to grab attention?
this AD is very nicely done!

| Everartz |

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Ad Analyst
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sorry i m not talking about the concept but EXECUTION which should have been more professionally detailed.

Ad Analyst, (Advertising Journals) INDIA

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361 pencils this a sequel to the spices one?


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Siddarth Basavaraj
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WOWhat an ad!!

Love creating ads..

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Sandeep U
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very nice 2012 unit is done very well


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good idea and posproduction.

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like it..nice concept..:-)


Ramesh Kadiyala

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super like.. very lovely and soothing !! :)

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