Kentera: Unwanted Side-Effects, Constipation

The current status quo is that healthcare professionals are using the best available treatments to alleviate their patient’s urinary incontinence. But what they are also doing is turning a blind eye to the unpleasant side effects they are in effect prescribing to their patients. This campaign dramatises the intolerable side effects of oral treatments for overactive bladder (OAB). It was designed to jolt healthcare professionals into realising Kentera is a real alternative and they can do something different for their patients. By exposing the flaws of the competition this campaign has made doctors think about the benefits of choosing Kentera.

Advertising Agency: Langland, Windsor, UK
Creative Director: Andrew Spurgeon
Copywriter: Sue Blitz
Art Director: Andrew Morley
Photographer: Alex Telfer

November, 2012


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I'm not a doctor, but I see the problem here. You've been eating bricks and various other indigestible building material, which might explain your constipation. That and you have a poorly photoshopped hole in your abdomen. I'd have that checked out.

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you got that right..

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Worse than student work.

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