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Again, example of a wrong pun. 'Fast working laxative' doesn't mean instant digestion & excretion. It just means you take a dump very fast.

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people take laxatives when they are constipated so this idea is simply stating in a very clever way that you will be dumping soon. i love it!

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The laxative that the dog is eating might very well be in his food dish...thus this concept works...pun or no wrong pun.
It's a good ad, doggone it!!

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people make 1+1 without even thinking

fast crapping = instant digestion & excretion = fast crapping

you just miss the point

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people don't really want to think too much when it comes to ads.

you missed the point completely.

the ad is great!

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Nothing to comment

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yea, that's exactly what i DONT want to happen

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Oussama Black Knight
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Sombody said disgustin' !!!!!

Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working

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lulz, oh cmon its funny

You Are What You Expect

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Luv it! clear & simple

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Even if these were good ads, do we need three of the same ad?

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Everybody who commented negatively should relax...this is only advertising.

It's very, very funny. Got my attention. Easy concept to comprehend. Awesome!!

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stop commenting on your own ads.

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Copied. Copied. Copied from last year's cannes winning Quick pain killer campaign!

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i dont like the photoshop work, the concept is funny, kidn of creepy but funny


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Why is he taking a dump in a dish? That's gross.

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Puede ser desagradable para mi, pero es efectivo en su comunicacion, queda clarísimo!!! jeje

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Funny! It's a dog laxative, so understand that they get the laxatives in their food to help them poop (and fast). I like it. I'd swap out the bowl at the back end with a doggy bag, however.

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Well, although it is a very clear and funny message... fast working.
It is actually very gross to think about. Why would the dog poop in it's own bowl?
It is almost like an anti-dog food ad, where the dog food is so bad it tastes like crap...
It's not a distasteful ad, I just think it gives off a strange message.

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Maybe if it the dog food bowl was inside the house and the dogs hind legs were outside, so like the dog was halfway between the house and the yard. Maybe even replace that dog food bowl at the back with a patch of grass?

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A simple suggestion Emmanuel and team. Take it or toss it, up to you.

Lose the bowl by the ass. it's disgusting.
Have a hand in a plastic bag waiting under the dogs ass.
See link: http://www.worcestershire.gov.uk/home/conf-worcs/bag_it.jpg

Responsible dog owners usually pick up their dogs poops in plastic bags.
The bowl for the poop simply doesn't work for that reason.
Another way of picking up dog poop is with a pooper scooper. You can have that waiting by the dog's ass as well.
See link: http://www.petplanet.co.uk/shop_dev/assets/extra_images/5624/10_kyjen_...

Not sure whether the product works only for dogs but if it works for cats, you can simply have the kitty litter box under the cats ass as well.

Ok, I've used the word ass too many times in one post.

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Because people are talking about this ad so much probably means that it is doing its job. Getting your attention and generating a buzz.

People over-analyze ads too much too. It's funny. It's only advertising.

One principle of design is repetition. Repeating the bowl works better. It's a makes for a quicker understanding. (ie. bowls hold stuff) Your suggestions spoon feed the audience too much and make for too literal of an ad.

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i'm tired of scam ads

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despues pueden comerse su mierd a

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another series made of 3 identical pictures. c'mon you lazy creatives

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just write
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i got msg for u in one word "yucksssssssssssssssssss"...

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Why should he eat if in need of laxative?

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Luego se da una vuelta y sigue comiendo xD

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i don't like the execution neither the idea.

andrea cotrim

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hahahahahahha... in the most vulgar way, that is very clever actually. it will deff be an ad you wont forget.

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Awesome. Reminds me of my old flatmate.

Adam - www.pawspetsupermarket.co.uk

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lol yukky

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i think you should try a wee wee pad instead of the bowl of food in the rear... but i like the idea

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