December 2007
Advertising Agency: Jung von Matt/Donau, Vienna, Austria
Creative Directors: Volkmar Weiss
Art Director: Volkmar Weiss
Copywriter: Thomas Niederdorfer
Illustrator: Dian Warsosumarto
Concept: Dian Warsosumarto
Account Supervisor: Catharina Winding

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But vegeterians themselves smell like poo, don't they?

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Guest commenter


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ok, it's a food chain. and it is definately missing a line. (also strange choice of animals - boars eat wolves eat ?)

weird collage technique

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Elias der Grieche

Actually the ad is pretty simple: Eat organic, because animals eat smaller animals eating flies, which love to walk on shit.

Meaning vegetarian is healthier.

Very good idea and visual!

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Guest commenter

Excuse me? Who eats wolves and snakes?

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oh, come on. being vegetarian is healthier cause flies walk on shit? that's just dumb. Netter Versuch und schönen Gruß nach Wien.

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that's a bit of a tightrope walk to get to the idea no? what if that bird ate a worm instead?

| think small |

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Guest commenter

vegetables are fertilized. usually with shit.

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Tom from Brazil.


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LOL !! exactly

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Actually, we hope it is with shit...

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wow, what a bad ad!

but thanks to the team anyway: my today's pharmaceutical leaflet looks like a pure brilliance from now on.
thank you!

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What is wrong with the photoshopping?
idea not bad but it's a classic way of thinking

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Soil is being fertilized by shit, so at the end of the line being a Veg doesn't make a big difference from this perspective. But I like the visual.

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A.G. Pennypacker
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Exactly. All animals piss and poop on everything outdoors that grows. My guess is vegans are getting a much more potent dose of feces in their diet than the meat-eaters.

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Hahahah I'll go by this route as suggested then:

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Actually that is not true, unless you are a vegan that does not wash their vegetables. Besides, meat frequently has shit in it that you cannot wash out, not to mention hormones etc...Nothing anyone eats is completely free of consequences, but meat eating has many more than veganism.

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Carlos Duty
Activity Score 96

bad ad
but i like the art. ugly and grotesque

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hahahaha, how freak!

Hell yeah!!

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good, execution is very poor.

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What a garbage ad!

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dbal6 the veggy ppl eat shit? or is it that meat is traced back to shit? so we all eat shit...

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Disco Munky
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I'm sure this could be clearer, but the logic behind it is flawed so no matter the execution this will not work effectively.


Doin' it for the points

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The idea behind the solution is kinda cool but I dislike the execution and I think there are a lot of other features in being vegetarian.


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Guest commenter

--What's wrong with the man's cheek ? hawfull choice on the technique
--Render is awfull, boring colors
--background is boooooring

-Execution --Does someone eats bears (is it a bear or a boar ?) ??? WTF ?
--Doe Bears eat Dogs now ?
--Wait , WHAT ?
--people don't eat domestic and wild animals !!! Come on ...

--Food chain? your doing it wrong !!!
--Linear approach ? WRONG !
--What do we use again as fertilizer for plants mostly ? WRONG !

please if you can't get a decent concept try at leat working on the art .

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Before submitting stupid comments, please refer to the Creatives'!.
Und sein gehen Sie wieder, Sie registrieren Mäuse!!!



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Guest commenter

'--Doe Bears eat Dogs now ?
--Wait , WHAT
--people don't eat domestic and wild animals !!! Come on ...'

its chinese. they eat domestic animals. and im sure their bears also eat anything

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Guest commenter

'--Doe Bears eat Dogs now ?
--Wait , WHAT
--people don't eat domestic and wild animals !!! Come on ...'

its chinese. they eat domestic animals. and im sure their bears also eat anything

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i hate being the smartass now, but the "bear" is actually a boar. and those don't eat wolfs or dogs. sorry, but that bothers me in the ad

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I am really a fan of JvM/Donau. I have seen a lot easy-think fun-ideas from that place. This ad, however, is really very, very week.

Decent basic idea. But not good.
Awful motiv.
Horrible photoshopping.

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Guest commenter

Food chains are so done. This one is a much better one:

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yeah right. that will make me visit the restaurant for sure...
are barf bags included in the menu?

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Really bad photoshop

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Activity Score 437

Actually, I think it's rather easy to tell that was done intentionally - it was an aesthetic choice. Whether you like it or not is another issue.

| think small |

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It looks they've secretly kept this ad in their cellar for like 14 years and that it just escaped a few days ago. Ok not funny.

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reminds me that southpark song , where everybody eats shit in one or another way... why all the creatives want to use that 'old paper for backgrounds ???--- i did it already.

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is there a pig that eats wolfs? Really? Its truely weak art.

And whats's that around his mouth?

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Guest commenter


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Umm what do vegetables grow in? The last time I looked it was cow shit. Organic or not. Therefor, vegetarians eat poo too. Thus, this ad is completely ridiculous.


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i guess everything has been said that has to be said with this ad...i just want to say it again, but i wont

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Ahhhh... pathetic everything.

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Quite an artsy ad. It's a tad offensive, and I think it works for vegetarianism. I suppose the use of scare tactics is one approach.

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Guest commenter

what they're getting at
is that you should be a vegitarian because your eating crap
i think its pretty witty's picture
Activity Score 105
If your eating meat your eating shit. Don't overthink it guys. Not a vegetarian but it's not that difficult to get. The style works for the style of ad.

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Oh my god

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Shit tastes like bear.

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so. fucking. bad.

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Wow, the longest comments chain in the website so far i think for such a horribly bad ad.

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Alp Arslan
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