Keep Australia Beautiful: KAB Ripples Chip

Where does your rubbish go?

Advertising Agency: Clemenger BBDO, Sydney, Australia
Executive Creative Directors: Paul Nagy, Mike Spirkovski
Creatives: Andrew Chu, Katrina Jarratt, Nikola Spadina, Ryan Albuino
Planner: Graham Alvarez
Account Director: Justin Cox
Agency Producer: Jo Kouvaris
Photographer: Andreas Smetana
Retoucher: Toby and Pete
Account manager: Claire Tritton
Published: October 2011
Via: bestadsontv


Jalal Bennani's picture
Jalal Bennani
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Hat trick

kleenex's picture
35352 pencils

I fully agree.

JablesVanBuren's picture
79 pencils

I like the artwork, but I'm not sure I "get it."
Is this supposed to remind me that the wrapper I throw on the ground might end up on in the river, affecting the environment?

Anyway, I know its anti-litter.

Milan Solanki's picture
Milan Solanki
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pretty good stuff : )'s picture
2 pencils

wat is it saying...they the earth is getting affected and hence the ripples or the earth is trying to move it somewhere.

Milan Solanki's picture
Milan Solanki
988 pencils

It says that when you throw trash on grounds, you are actually throwing it in river or sea (you must have noticed, when we throw something in water it generates ripples, that's how they convince it), as in the end it some how lands up there, see the drainage

le roi's picture
le roi
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Simple and strong message.

Ron Burgundy's picture
Ron Burgundy
1636 pencils

i like it, i get it right away without reading the tag

Schein's picture
27 pencils

Good AD

olneytj's picture
2 pencils

Unfortunately, they got the physics wrong for the ripples.

nspad's picture
96 pencils

The physics are correct for an object being PUSHED through water. It creates a wake as well as generating a swell infront of it if the object is less dense than the water (which in this case it is).

Justin Evans's picture
Justin Evans
57 pencils

Nice work, great series.

Ben Clarke's picture
Ben Clarke
168 pencils

Great retouching.

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