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good idea, bad execution

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i like this photo the best. and the way rubbish bags have been used in the typography is cool. idea seems similar to one used in britain where people walk along and get dirtier and dirtier. In saying that the audience is in australia and probably haven't seen the british TVC. Just a thought, would it have been better if his mates where running into the sea instead of coming back to hang out with rubbish boy?

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Love the type treatment!

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I may be nitpicking here, but I probably would've liked it just a little more if the kid had been holding a tall styrofoam cup of Slurpee or something. Something indicating that he or they are the ones who actually created this little mess. Same goes for the park bench ad. I just feel they're lacking that "red-hand" factor that the first one has, where the guy is caught in the act...

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