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adi priyanto

Nice Print Ad and good artwork, two thumbs up for the creativity
that combines the wall gravity and the slice of life.

good "theme" that speaks that if we work together everything will be easier.

Viva Creativity.

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waow!!!!!! BRILLIANT! the idea is good and what is awesome is the way they used their own culture to advertise this newspaper.

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copy explaining visual.


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great concept..;)

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andrej dwin
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why do I have the feeling all these "thumbs up" comments from not verified members sound awfully fake?
it looks interesting. I'm not sure if it has anything to do with the culture, or the brand at all.
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i don't get it???

is it a PSA or ad for the newspaper itself???

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nice Art Direction!

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Best of the lot

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nissan qashqai (:

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What are these adverts selling???

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yeah i think these are planted comments cause these ads suck.

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great job!

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Jimmy Olsen

Overuse concept... nothing new

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in jogjakarta u'll see there's alot of mural wall,
in the mean time pedicab is one of traditional transportation,
this kinda culturally local approach

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