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Are these kind of ads fashion or what ???

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Beauty is always in fashion. :)

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These illustrations are just beautiful! I love 'em!

And I think this is a way different approach for this kind of product, although I don't know how effective it might be in Brasil...

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i think i like these. someone needs to translate the translation, however.

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just wondering..
what happened to all the creatives nowadays?? is this an art gallery??
is this still an ad?? where is the "art of selling"??
so the concept and big idea here is a motorbike made in japan???
how powerful.... where is the speed??

no doubt this is a very nice illustration... but.. this is still an ad...
u mean u will buy a bike or change your peception 'cos its made in japan??

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the speed is in there. reread them.

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speed is implied in the ad, and the fact that is made in japan is a simple claim, but a powerful one, because lots of people find security and reliability in japanese car and motorbikes.

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beautiful illustration! i love it.

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Dear Qbird
Do you know Marcello Serpa?

I’m asking this, simply because one day, he was asked if advertising is art.

He answered: “ No. But it’s better when aproaches it”. Obviously it’s Marcello opinion, and everyone has rights to have them. Like you have yours. But I have other things to say about it.

Welll in my perception an ad will never be art. Just because it isn't authorial and we have to keep in mind that there is always a product that have to be selled.

About this ad specifically the concept of speed and power are in the titles. The illustration is just a background, like in all alltype ads. Here in Brazil, the Japanese culture and technology are known as the best in the world. When we say that a motorcycle was made in Japan, is like we are saying that she’s a piece of excellence in engineering, power and beauty.

That’s why we used this kind of reference.

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great, i love dicussions... (no offence...)

so what do u mean by an ad is never be an art??
there is a famous book name "Sun Tze Art of War".. so does it mean the war is like design or painting?? Ad is an Art... the art of selling.. the art of communicating, telling something without saying...
why i ask if this is an art gallery because nowadays everyone attend art school and learn macintosh.. and start doing great stuff with it... visually.. nice.. conceptually.. i'm not too sure..

"... and we have to keep in mind that there is always a product that have to be selled..."
(both hands up) i do agreed with wat u say.. and thats what we suppose to do... yah??

first of all, why i don't agreed with the ads is because they are not telling me anything i don't know about the bike, they are not strengthening the brand. So in Brazil everyone know the brand and technology is the best... and here he is not telling u anything more about it...

and logically, living beside volcano, so..?? In asia including JAPAN there are millions and millions of ppl living near vocalno, infact they live at the foot of volcano, when they volcano about to erupt, they move their whole family using bull carts.. u think they worry???

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Qbird is an idiot.

your an idiot.

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Maybe this translation works a little better:

"Living next to a volcano is no longer a problem."
In God I trust

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Advertising isn't science. It's persuasion. And persuasion is an art.

Will this campaign succeed?


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