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Was quite intruiged by the thumbnail, and the lines' ok – beut the detail just looks like crude racial stereotyping to me... sorry, not for me.

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i don't think it's racial stereotyping... thay're just using visual codes from the japanese culture recognizable to everyone. never saw it that way.

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Didi Moco

Eu acho maneiro. E é bonito pacas!!!

Anyone there speak portuguese? Let's use it guys.

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awesome illustrations!

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ilustrações legais, o texto da humilhação é o melhor, os outros ficam até ruins na frente dele.
aê Didi Mocó!!! em português, ou melhor, em brasilerês!!
sacou a parada aê mano brou, cumpade, véio, mermão!

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the translation of the copy is confusing. what it says is something like:
"it was difficult to test this bike in japan
everytime we sped it up, we ran out of island"

i don't speak portuguese, but i think this meaning is closer and more understandable to what it really means than the translation. please, correct me if i'm wrong.

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Nice artwork. Texts are ok.

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