JCHS's picture
67 pencils

Really nice work and its true.

sahir's picture
26 pencils

Impressive,,,good art direction..great copy

kre8's picture
989 pencils

to me the lines are all old and boring.
im definitely not meaning to be demeaning in anyway, but we already knew all of these facts.
give us an insight, give us something which we didnt already know...
the shots and the art are nice.
copy is lazy.
2 cents.

drizae's picture
503 pencils

Neat watch.

Fail Harder.

kc_brock's picture
703 pencils


they don't have an education, but they all have sweet watches.


addyhoch10's picture
2592 pencils

right, he doesn't know to write 'em down.
but does he even want to write them down or is it just us who want him to do so because it's our cultural notion of what defines a civilisation?

don't like the concept. nice art anyway

the_ashlands's picture
1394 pencils

i fully agree with you here addy..

hang-the-dj's picture
1262 pencils

Yeah, beautiful shot, but I agree the line could have been way more engaging. Or at least interesting.

jsn's picture
83 pencils

I think this campaign is disrespecting them. These people are may not be smart by our standards, but they are self sufficient and tough. They have the knowledge to survive in the outback. We wouldn't last a min. This campaign should be showing street children or slumps.

jennywhx's picture
1142 pencils

i am agree with you. this ad is judging these unique people with the standard measurement, and i bet perhaps they themselves doesn't even bother about these. How about putting a high-educated city resident and write "i know thousands of theories but i don't even know how to hunt"

deep_tracy's picture
588 pencils

spot on.

atulspande's picture
182 pencils

help kamitei for what just to provide them expesive things? sorry but this is what the picture
depicting. i dont find it clubig with education activity. can u specify..... please !!!!!!
photograph/writig style is class.

PeteHH's picture
202 pencils

This line is okay, the others are over-the-edge boring "so what" lines. Nice art, but who gives a f***, when the thoughts are so lame?! And yes, the thing with the watch is hilarious.

sold's picture
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Jerazade? i dont know the name in english... she tell 1001 stories to her king sleep and she dont get kill, maybe if the copy put on this legend way could be better, dont u think?
"he knows 1001 stories that keep him alive, but he dont know write to keep them alive. thanks for listen." (or something like that)
photo is ok.
packshot to the line and trademark is bad, just conflit with the pic, i think.

addyhoch10's picture
2592 pencils

sorry sold but i seriously hope your friends will do a better job.

Besha's picture
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Great job!

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